The importance of blog charts

Morgue Gallery Screenshot

We are pleased to announce that a blog we manage is number 8 in the Technorati charts for Arts and in the top 100 for Living today.

Writing blog content that gets linked to and is quoted in other blogs is one of the best ways to market your business. Blog charts are the barometer to measure the success of your website / blog against. These charts aid search engine position placement, they add weight to your kudos and influence your page ranking in search engines.  A  popular blog is a successful blog. Information on artists and exhibitions, details of images and methodologies. Videos of exhibitions and links to online Art Gallery (store) containing original paintings and prints.

Nude - Woodcut

This series of woodcuts is available to buy. This image was exhibited in the 150 Building at West Buckland School, North Devon. This woodcut is printed over pages of an old directory of important people from the early 20th century. Each print is unique and is hand printed (unframed) and is delivered free of charge. £30.00




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